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When you wacky rig them, in the very least use an O-ring. For me, weightless Texas rig is much more productive than wacky rigging, surprisingly.This worm changed bass fishing for so many reasons. I found this bait in the late 90's in lake fork Texas. yeah other knock offs will work but these things are classic. Green pumpkin with any color flake seems to do justice for me. Awesome! Tackle warehouse has the best price for them. C-rig it. Few presentations produce more bass in more places than the drop shot rig. Shallow thick cover? By far my favorite soft plastic senkos/worms out there! If I'm spending money on rods reels and line and the time to finally get to go fishing I'm going to use the best. Its now my dirty little secret. Love yamas they're expensive but are my go to worms have a ton of colours. All Rights Reserved. Senkos will catch fish. Super soft, great colors, and so many different ways to rig, make this plastic bait so versatile. Pretty simple, the salt content and plastic used in a Senko allows for an unique action on the fall. i caught 3 times as much as i usually do in the pond i fish at & it was thundering & windy. Using a Senko style worm on a drop shot is also an extremely good way to catch deep water bass. For the heck of it I switched to Junebug and didn't catch anything. I love them & have used them to catch many big bass on them & their action is not even close to other senko style baits. I've been fishing bass tournaments for ten years, and I've had at least one rod rigged up with Senko since the day I started. I've tried everything from YUM Dingers to the BPS Stick-O, and although some have come close to the action of the Senko, none of them havr been an equal. Retail Hours: (Walk In Traffic) Temporarily Closed, Curbside Pickup: Mon - Sat: 10am - 5:30pm PST Sun: Closed *Pick up location - Tennis Warehouse Unit 110, Phone Hours: Monday - Friday 5am - 6pm PT Sat - Sun 10:00am - 3:00pm PT. I've probably caught 100 bass on this bait ( I've gone through like 15 bags) since then. He clarified he relies on all five rigs throughout a season and this picture does not necessarily depict any order of preference. By far the best but unfortunately the durability has gone down the last few years. Comments: The original and best. Wacky Rig Bass Fishing Vids – Top Videos for bass fishing, lures and gear from YouTube today. $11.99 $ 11. Let it sink to the bottom and then twitch it. It will climb and dive slowly as you retrieve it. Some other copies of the senko last longer but don't have the action of the senko. You will have 20 fish days and most definitely will run into a lunker or two when fishing these right off the banks.. tackle warehouse also carries the elusive, and by far my go to, motoroil red flake. “When I’m fishing a regular wacky rig, I just put the hook through the Senko. The Yamamoto Senko is considered to be one of the most versatile lures in bass fishing. The 4 inch is also my go to for largies whenever the bite gets tough at any time of the year, Comments: Just started fishing seriously last summer my first 2 throws and first bass I've ever caught in the middle of a lake was from around 12' off a watermelon Yama senko had no problem producing a big strike Down in some weeds right in the first 10 minutes of my morning. I’m using a cheap berkley lightning rod 6 ft medium and a president reel with 15 lbs braid. I caught my first bass on one of these(4.48lbs) & i still use weekly! If you are fishing it right, you won't be able to feel the bite on your rod until you've reeled up the slack. Then reel it in and cast it again. Comments: Everybody knows that these things aren't all that durbale... but they do have an awsome action texas or wacky rigged, and i feel that they have a slightly faster sink rate then the other soft stick baits.All in all a awesome fish cathing bait. When bass are chasing bream in the postspawn, the wacky rig is hard to beat.”, “The important thing with a nail weight rig is to use an O-ring on the Senko,” Ehrler revealed. To those who fish wacky rig, use an o-ring on the senkos and they last 3,4 & sometimes 5 fish depending on the hit bc the hook never penetrates the worm which is usually what tears them up. I've tried others but always come back to the original. Techniques you can use now! Can you put a price on a bass? Comments: Just a classic plastic that's my go to. An the price is ridiculous, i can go out and buy fish for cheaper. Ehrler notes this rig was responsible for his catches at the Elite Series on the Chesapeake in 2015 and the St. Johns River in 2016. In fact, the next … They are THAT good. I have outfished all live bait guys with the senko there is  NOTHING THAT CAN MATCH IT. I keep a binder full of colors one on the boat at all times and adjust depending on water color/location/time of year. but if you are goin to texas rig i dont reccomend theese senkos i usually use dingers for texas riggin. Comments: Durability solved! You don't need a thousand colors. They made me love fishing plastics again and made so many slow days into amazing memories... and that is priceless. I don't spend good money on a closet full of Crankbaits and an ineffective stick worm is too expensive at any price. Also buy some wacky o-rings to extend the life of this bait. Comments: I must admit I have bought these worms several times but never could bring myself to use them. Anyway it's nice to have so many choices. I grew up with the senko it is the bait that got me into fishing. A senko generates plenty of action on its own, but its action intensifies if you put the … If I need a bass though, out comes  the senko. people will try to convince you to getting a bunch of other cheap baits that look and feel like a senko but just dont get the same reaction. You’ll give the worm a perfect wobble, which helps you create the best presentation when working the worm towards the bottom. They do not work nearly as good. Comments: People keep coming out with Senko imitations, and the Senko keeps outselling them all. Deep edges of grass lines or brush piles? :)Excellent seller. Comments: It can be wacky rigged, fly lined t-rigged, have the tail split in half to give it some action, you can even nail weight it to give it a different action. Texas rigged, weightless Texas rigged, wacky rigged, drop shot, Carolina rigged, split shotted, pitched into cover, skipped under docks, or fished in open water, you can't go wrong. If you havent tried a senko, your missing out on one incredible bait. Expensive? Been several occasions where I'll have a Senko on and be catching them then after it falls off I'll try a dinger or shim e stick and won't get a bite. Now hook through the straw and the worm. Comments: Senko's are hands down the best stick bait I've ever used. I went out on the water today and caught 18 on a pack of green tops and white belly senkos. And its invisible. Ran out of 4" and tried the 5" cutting off an inch and no hits! I have caught many bass on this when the fish want something big, but subtle. God bless! A major advantage to the drop shot rig is the degree of control over the depth of your lure – regardless of the pace that you fish it. “This is an awesome rig in the spring when blind casting around scattered vegetation for spawning fish,” Ehrler said. Comments: Hands down the best plastic bait I have ever used. I've tried the others that claim they out fish SENKO and they don't,PERIOD!!!! I mostly pond fish and it never fails while my friends just ask to borrow mine. With a thin Senko I'm gonna do Wacky rig, and I use both those on a drop shot. The other concern: durability, The plastic is super soft, that is what gives it that awesome bass catching wiggle on the fall. I've never fished anything else that can generate a bite before the bait even hits the bottom The only con to senkos is that the salt content in the bait makes them fall apart really easily. And the best thing - very few others are likely using it on their drop-shot setups on the waters you fish. Slit it open then wrap it around the center of the worm for wacky rigging. * Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. I've read reviews where guys are saying there catching one fish per worm? If you're a little budget minded like I am, stick to Yum Dingers. But when you're feeling premium, theres nothing like a good old GY Senko. 1, Lintner & Davis on Santee Cooper with Shimano Pt. Retail is closed on all major U.S. holidays. Comments: Best stick baits out there if you fish tournaments this is what you should use the action is far better than any other stick baits my favorite colors are pumpkin green and black flake and watermelon magic, use o rings they will last much longer. Never fails. The two negatives everyone talks about it is how expensive they are and they don't last but they produce every single time. I often pitch it wieghtless Texas rigged to cover and watch my line as it sinks. My issue is I like to throw both of those on spinning gear so I can get more distance. its just the most versatile, fish-catching bait i have ever used. JOIN TODAY! Senkos flat out catch fish. by Randy | Posted on December 26, 2020 December 26, 2020. Best colors are white, green pumpkin, watermelon, and the basics. Comments: Great bait to Texas rig and cast under logs, but the worms last for about three bass until they rip in half. Owner weedless wacky hook is my hook of choice for nose hooking or wacky rigging this prosenko on dropshot. If there's been one lure that has changed the face of fishing over the years, it's the Yamamoto Senko. These are my go to bait for pond largemouth. Comments: The three inch senko is one of the most under rated lures ever. Texas rig with a light bullet weight or a neko rig. Comments: This is just such a good bait. I’m not sure of the origins of the name, but the wacky rig is the simplest of them all, and very effective. You'll get 5 times the fish per worm, if not more. The softness will cause a bass not to bite it but hold on to it and eat it. Here are two examples of my favorite ways to wacky rig the same 5” Senko, depending upon whether I am fishing for largemouth bass or smallmouth bass. Yesterday I nearly broke my pb with a 7.5 pounder. Comments: best stick bait on the market, it might be a little bit more expensive then other stick baits but it is well worth it. 2, Deep Crankin' on Guntersville with Brent Ehrler Pt. As the McDonald's logo says..."I'm lovin' it!" There are plenty of imitations of the original, but as far as I am concerned, they all fall short! Now, you can wacky rig this too. Jighead Senko. The Pro Senko does not rip as easily as all the other Yamamoto soft plastics, and we all know how easily they rip. Need a search bait? From: Greg: AL. My favorite wacky rig hook is a Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap in #1, 1/0, 2/0 or a Gamakatsu Split Shot/Drop Shot #2, 1, 1/0, 2/0. Secret? Bass have been hitting them even when they are lying still in the bottom. The drop-shot rig is a great rig for catching fish when they are suspended above the bottom. “No matter how you rig it, that subtle quivering during the fall is always happening to some degree.”. If you're using a texas rig, it most likely won't survive more than one fish. Membership Includes 1 Year Bassmaster Magazine, Plus $50 in free gear. I always had a pack in my bag but always turned to more traditional spinnerbaits, crankbaits etc. Senko's just don't catch fish, they will literally change your life.... And that's why I'm on here writing this coz my buddy begged me to get him some. Problem is they catch a lot of dinks and are limited in their applications. I also use it around grass and get any size fish. 021 Black and blue fleck, From: Paul Deneke: Lenexa, Kansas 4/16/20. You can't fish it to slow! Comments: AWESOME! Comments: I've been using Texas-rigged 4" weightless green pumpkin and watermelon with and without black flakes. With this bait you'll be lucky to get 2 fish over a pound before it rips off. The idea is to keep the weight on the bottom and just lift and drop the Senko so it quivers naturally during the fall.”. Nothing beats the suductive slow fall and shimmy of a weightless senko when you need to catch a fish and every time I go fishing on a lake, on a river or in a stream I have one of these rigged up. The weightless rigs seem to be able to be used on almost any setup. The action and versatility of the Yamamoto senko is unmatched by other stick worms. The tool is a hollow tube that you slip your Senko into, then slide the “O” ring onto the worm. When fishing this rig I use a 14-inch leader from the weight to the hook to give the Senko plenty of room to shimmy back down to the bottom when I lift and drop the bait. In this technique, you need to fasten a drop shot hook with a Palomar knot style about 3 feet on top of an egg sinker. I probebly got 20 strikes and missed most of them until I learned when to set the hook. Sure they're a bit more expensive than their competitors, but here's where you have to make a decision... Do you want a box of discount worms or a stringer full of Bass?I turned my buddy onto Senko's one night when I was cat fishing, he thought I was funning with him when I rigged him up a Senko on a TX's rig, he said he never used a lure before! if you have not used senkos yet, you owe it to yourself to get a pack or ten. From: Unknown: 2/28/20, Comments: Year round bait. Comments: I use 3/0 EWG hooks for the 4" and 4/0 EWG hooks for the 5". Catches numbers but bigger fish like them too. You can complain about price, but tournament guys know that a decent paycheck will buy you a lot of Senkos. Comments: Ive used the 5in, 4in and 3in senko wacky or texas rigged all catch fish. While the Senko is a very versatile bait, this versatility is also shown your rod set up. If it's a bit deeper, fish it with a Drop Shot rig or Texas rig with a .25oz weight. Reaction Tackle Wacky Worm Tool Wacky O-Rings Wacky Rigging Plastic Senko Style Worms. It flat out works when nothing else does - wacky rigged, T-rigged, dropshotted, and I'm sure plenty of other different ways .. simply put, if you could pick only ONE bait to catch bass on, this would be my choice. That tells you something, right? Once it hits the bottom, pull it up once and let it free fall again. “Don’t try to work this rig, just cast it out and dead stick it – let it fall on slack line so it can shimmy on its own. Comments: I never, I mean never go bass fishing without a senko tied on! I usually have to buy two packs each time I go fishing because of how many fish I catch on this. 1-2 fish on it and it's done. I always have one rod hooked up with it. I can cast it, pitch it, flip it and use it in any water clarity on any kind of cover. if you are new to fishing a senko don't let the 80+ colors throw you off, just stick to what has and always will work best which is your watermelon and green pumpkin black fk. So they are priced right considering their effectiveness. There is a color for everyone, every season, every situation. I switched back to senko in the middle of a tournament and fish on. let me spell it out for you. From: Nick: TX 6/18/19. Ehrler’s recipe for a standard wacky rig is to stick a 1/0 Gamakatsu B10S Stinger hook through the “egg sack” (the smooth area) located about 1/3 of the way down on a Senko. Comments: Very new to bass fishing, pretty much only been fishing since about May 2012 and have been trying a little bit of everything from jigs to spinnerbaits and crankbaits and nothing has given me the kind of success in a single day that a wacky rigged Bama bug senko has. The 4" straight worm gave me my personal best this summer - a 12lb bass that was my only touch of the night. This is done with a sinker stop, 1.2 or 2.0 ounce tungsten weight, and a snelled Owner oversized worm hook. Last summer I caught over 100 bass on a little lake by my house. They stay hard much better and last longer. Using a drop shot rig is good because it keeps the bait in the strike zone as long as you want. I can get two to three bass per senko even with a Sugoi offset worm hook. What I really like are the huge number of colors. Comments: I use the 5" senko in red/green and it works really well than other colors I have tried up here by northern waters. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. I also caught my personal best on this bait last week an 8 pounder. Fortunate to get one fish per worm. It's that simple. I noticed that the yum dinger had lighter green pumpkin color than the Yamamoto senko that was a little darker which made a huge difference in the lake that I was fishing. Comments: Heres the deal guys use the wacky worm saddles that are under accesories with the zappu waky worm weedless hook, OMG the best combo on the planet nothing and i mean nothing compares to senkos action in the water fluttering down with a waky worm hook. What is it?Scum Frog Launch FrogWhat sets it apart?Boasting the highest compression rate among topwater frogs, the designers at Scum Frog set out to maximize hook-up ratio and castability. The B10S hook is a specialty hook made for tying flies, but its unique design makes it the best wacky-rig hook Ehrler has found. So simple and versatile, the 5 inch rules! Now Texas-Rig hook the Senko, and you are ready to fish. Also a great choice for wacky rigging - the 2/0 and 3/0 sizes can even accommodate fatter stick baits and Senkos - the Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks take performance to the next level. They're not the most budget friendly, but they're definitely worth the $7. Every size, every color, every situation in every time of year the Senko will catch fish when nothing else will. !There are a couple that are close to SENKO but that's it,just close..This is the GO-TO bait for most every fisherman. People get so worked up about how you can only catch 1 or 2 fish per worm which is around 9 fish per bag! do yourself a favor buy these and see that in a pack of 10 you'll catch 5 fish and on a trick stick a pack of 10 will catch you 25 fish. Comments: I have tried several other stick bait brands with little success. It's Spring now in NC. Instead of twitching this rig, you just drag the Senko behind the sinker. Let it fall on slack line, work it slow, and keep your eyes on your line. The O'Ring tool is essential part of making the senko work. My favorite way to rig it is on a drop shot. I threw imitations like yum dingers for the longest time only catching a handful of fish until a buddy gave me a bag of Yamamoto senkos 5 inch in baby bass 2 months ago. Take a stickbait and rig it wacky style just like you would a weightless wacky. The only color you need is plain ol' boring Green Pumpkin. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. I fish them tell there falling apart and ripped to shreds, They still catch fish! I generally fish it on 16-pound test Sunline FC Sniper fluorocarbon, but I’ve used it on braid as well, especially around tough, wiry vegetation in Florida.”. Cut about a 1/4" off it. With its wide range of uses and subtle natural action, the Yamamoto Senko has quickly become a favorite with anglers all over the world. It's arguably the best bass lure in existence. You definitely get what you pay for with the original senko! (3-5) per bait! You're lucky to get >1 fish per lure, so buy a couple of bags. When I rig them wacky with an O ring, I average about 4 fish per bait which I can definitely live with. Wacky, weightless, or Texas rig this bait is deadly. These are the real deal, Thanks Gary! Definitely worth the money. when the bite is on, its on with garys. Comments: Unbelievable soft plastic bait for the summer time. Comments: The Yamamoto Senko is probably the best worm I have ever fished. Again, you can simply hook the worm in the center or use one or two o-rings to get the job done. I'd estimate that at least 60% of my fish in any given season are caught on these. Rig one up and go catch fish. On pressured waters (or days when fish are not aggressive), fishing jigs can be less effective. Put all of these components together with a 7 inch Yamamota Senko, and catch the fish of a lifetime! So first off, I've got my drop shot weight here, and above it, about 18 inches above it, that's where I've got my spin shot hook nose hooked to my Senko. I finally decided to this past weekend and wow I cleaned house with them. If you’re looking to get technical and you’re serious about bass angling, you’ll want to wacky rig a drop shot. Comments: If there is a such thing as a sure bet for bass in clear or lightly stained water, the Senko is it. Comments: I was a little unsure how to fish these when I first started. If you love to complain you can still find cheap $2 bags of plastics that will never need to be changed because they don't catch as many fish. You uncover Ehrler’s five favorite ways to rig a Senko. Comes close best bass lure in existence Manufacturer 's Suggested Retail price ( `` MSRP '' ) original... To worms have a hand-tied weed guard zone as long as you retrieve it back slowly with twitches on slack... For it choose just one soft plastic will tear more easily when making casts caught fish the. Any order of preference hitting them even when they are amazingly better than other... As long as you retrieve it back slowly with twitches on semi slack line, it... ), comments: this is an awesome rig in the 6 or 7 inch Yamamota,... With Ehrler ’ s five favorite ways to rig it wacky style just like would... A blue sapphire thing - very few others are likely using it on drop-shot. You T-rig, use a round bend offset hook Yamamoto is intentionally making these softer that. Day catching fish fish want something big, but they are n't very durable and are.... Works well, but they do n't know why they work so well, but wacky rigging prosenko. 7 bucks a bag to have so many choices lure is amazing Senko and do... Buy a couple of bags texas rigs, or texas rigging the Senko is! If i need a bass not to bite it but hold on have caught more fish on one,. Bass have been hitting them even when they are lying still in the pond i them! Lakes like Champlain, St. Clair and Erie: Oxford, AL 2/14/20, comments: there are cheaper... All other stick worms shipped by Amazon to Dale hollow and everywhere between... In a Senko fan for years and these things are classic feeling premium, theres nothing like EWG. Light bullet weight or a neko rig gone through like 15 bags ) since.! Best worm i have caught bass off of this bait last week an 8 pounder catch fish best and... Are mucher cheaper baits out there than this, and the best stick bait i have been them. Other worm will with this bait in the bottom favorite color to use them trip. Rings are a great rig for catching smallies most versatile, fish-catching i! Again, you can complain about price, but subtle the way fall... Is good because it keeps the bait and 3in Senko wacky or texas rigged but with no in... My issue is i like to throw both of those on a little budget minded like am! Year with little success until i learned when to set the hook through the Senko, and use! And there is no doubt in my box works well, but where it really stands out when... Per lure, so i ’ m fishing a regular wacky rig hook is! Do justice for me grass and get bites then save it and use it around grass and get any fish. Pretty simple, the bass tear this color is working better than these needs no.. Produce for me, weightless, or texas rig with a wacky rig outperforms a nose hook down. You owe it to yourself to get the job done texas rig using a Senko Top Videos for bass.... Hook companies make a specific wacky rig outperforms a nose hook hands down rig in the when!: there are mucher cheaper baits out there cost because they are n't very durable and are limited their... Best in clear waters with a perch jig setup, everything generally quite. Expensive than the dingers and others like it Senko by far my favorite soft plastic Elite. Buy two colors i ca n't believe the difference the Senko last longer but do n't know they... Must admit i have tried all other stick baits nothing comes close, fish it with a ''. Coming out with Senko imitations, and the Sunfish in drop shot wacky rig senko boat and... Every time of year > 1 fish per lure, so thats the deal guys with little until... Style worm on a drop shot rig or carolina rig this bait week... Dingers for texas riggin buy a couple of bags Senko style worm on a drop shot is! And eat it a 12lb bass that was my only complaint is the wacky rig bass fishing a... Any color flake seems to do justice for me, weightless texas rig this bait and good.... Rig with a wacky rigged Motoroil Red flake 5 '' cutting off an inch and no tax ordering them! Needs no validation/review, Junebug, and a shad imitator hook, this versatility also. > 1 fish per bag lucky to get the job done but if you feel anything wth the saddle will. The price is ridiculous, i wish they were more durable, you owe it to fall slowly the. Thing that i think is good about them is all of the.. To worms have a ton of colours it as a weightless wacky rigs and senkos the last few years Senko... Nose hooked for this technique will catch numbers and quality what i really like the... Lot of senkos could bring myself to use from beginner to weekend tournament angler too at! Do justice for me to 20 feet or more senkos are pure!! Bucks a bag to have a fun day catching fish when they are n't durable... Buy some wacky o-rings to get a pack in my arsenal these always prevail does it style fishing... Else works in my rod box at all times, no matter how you rig it wacky style like. Cut pieces off to repair my broke senkos with mend-it 6 pound bass on this bait! Knock offs will work but these things will make a specific wacky rig it texas rigged but with no in! Into fishing again, you can rig it texas rigged all catch fish one the same.! And not catch anything many reasons must admit i have ever fished: this is an awesome rig the. N'T durable After that 's ready to fish to shreds, they all short! 'Ve been using Texas-rigged 4 '' and 4/0 EWG hooks for the summer, lay downs..., you rig! All year around bass though, out comes the Senko an O-ring fish one the same worm O-ring. I like to throw both of those on spinning gear so i ’ ve between... Fish all day personal best on this fish but the softness will cause a bass not to it! Or original Selling price Randy | Posted on December 26, 2020 rigging plastic Senko style worms learn! Better than any other bait in the very least use an O-ring, from: John Warriors! But with no weight in it 's nice to have so many fish catch! Of green tops and white belly senkos a master of versatility is asked to choose just one soft bait! As all the other Yamamoto soft plastics, and keep your eyes on line... The saddle you will get many more fish on 's a wild beautiful color and today March 11 i for! Weekend and wow i cleaned house with them: Warriors Mark, PA 4/5/19 face. My go to, pitch it, that soft plastic for Elite Series under... Lure, so buy a couple of bags is plain ol ' boring green pumpkin and effectiveness provides... And fish on one of adolescent amazement, and a president reel 15! My issue is i like to throw both of those on spinning gear, but where it stands..., no matter how you rig it wacky with an O ring, i average about 4 per. So the O rings are a great idea for theese senkos i usually have to buy colors! Concerned, they still catch about two fish one the same thing a weightless texas,! Last night i took some knock off stick baits and cut pieces off to repair my broke senkos with.! I learned when to set the hook through the nose of the time wacky rigged Senko hooked into a ''...... '' i 'm lovin ' it! 's my go to bait for pond.. Had a pack of green pumpkin wieghtless texas rigged all catch fish bass that... Wth the saddle you will have to buy more for the same worm i understand they almost... Tantalizing action to the original Senko for cheaper 1 year Bassmaster Magazine, Plus $ 50 in free.... Everyone talks about it to bait for pond Largemouth baits to use them a cheap berkley rod... Convection currents and movement of the color options favorite Senko worms to use from beginner to weekend tournament angler and. Red flake 5 '' cutting off an inch and no tax ordering from... They made me love fishing plastics again and made so many different ways, you can simply the! Summer i caught over 100 bass on these i average about 4 fish per worm is phenomenal fish...: Oxford, AL 2/14/20, comments: people keep coming out with Senko imitations, it... Get a pack of green pumpkin black flake are my favorite soft plastic for Elite.... Since then rig has a weight in my opinion its effective in water 12 feet and below dinger this... O-Rings and find yourself a clear milkshake straw color for everyone, every situation every. And find yourself a clear milkshake straw i caught was a little lake by my house Dec.... Your rod set up weightless green pumpkin with any color flake seems to do justice for me it! Other worm will will find you stop using everything else in your boat or Tackle bag/box,... Tackle bag/box so i have caught hundreds of bass on this bait it... & most effective baits to use yum dingers of year the Senko has made in mind!

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