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Their Whoopie Pies are especially good. It's a staple in Amish homes where nearly everything is made from scratch. 1 teaspoon vanilla. Rub together until crumbly. Pinecraft, in Sarasota, Florida, has a restaurant and bakery. I have had several Amish pie’s in Shipshewana , In and Also Whitehall,’NY There is an interesting discussion on the Ag Talk forum about Amish pies. Yes, they are selling masks but they are not wearing them. But, I’ve had a good enough experience that I keep buying:). Yes this is not a diet-friendly topic is it. mt pleasant produce. * 1 1/2 Tablespoons sugar Since you can’t see the inside of a pie as it sits on the table, there’s nothing wroung with inquiring about what’s inside. I know they understood this sister Dialect to their Pfälzisch, because they gave me what I asked for. And some of the farms they get food from might be local. Thanks for this tip on the Belleville stand and the half moon pies. They sell these cinnamon twists for 75 cents first thing in the morning and if you get there before Cindy (the owner) does her dad will give you an extra twist plus not charge you for the coffee. By the way, I never heard of a Snitz Pie. It’s too bad to hear that so many people have had bad baked goods from some of them. But they understand the name Amish and their appearance helps bring in customers. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'amishamerica_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_7',183,'0','0']));Still, on balance I have been satisfied with Amish-made pies and continue to purchase them. We were both happy. My accent is not American; and Deitsch is not holy. Infold and press along bottom and sides as well as the rim. Photo by Jerry. Remembering, however, that Amish are people, I suspect occasionally mistakes are made. She never used a written recipe. Closed,! 1/8 teaspoon salt Apple Crumb Pie It’s a good thing we live a couple of hours away. It also comes in Bavarian Cream and different jelled fruit (no real fruit in it). Peach Custard Pie. First, as has been wisely said by someone in the Lancaster area, “If the sign says, “Amish,” it probably isn’t. (Make pie crust) The people can’t wait for her to show up on Saturday morning with her donuts, various breads, cookies and yes, pies! I tried a snitz pie at another Amish bakery. The original post is basically a complaint that pies made by the Amish in the poster’s area of central New York are not very good. To frequently no Amish hands have been any where near it. I ordered several banana bread loaves and pumpkin bread loaves and you can tell they are home made. I also encourage you to ask questions before you buy. In true Amish form, this silky-smooth custard pie uses affordable ingredients like cottage cheese and evaporated milk with fantastic results. She told him that that is not God’s standards. Even Amish cooks vary from one house to the next. I also understand that they are all unique and different just like us “Englishers”…my friend said she never has been a quilter or baker, but worked “out” when her large family of children was growing up. Another in northeast Iowa ais also pro-Amish pie: Got a couple different Amish communities in my area. You seem to be taking the negative comments regarding Amish baked goods, personally. Remove from the heat; stir in gelatin until dissolved. Molly, Credit: If you want good Italian food don’t eat at a Swedish restaurant. . I have purchased pies from her on and off, and the crust was always wonderfully flaky and light. Jul 7, 2020 - If you visited here on Monday you know I promised to share another peach recipe today. I like a little of that but not too much. I have bought pies in various Amish communities across the state. Each community may differ, I know, and NOT ALL are what we think they might be! There are some Amish down in Homestead, & of course there’s Pinecrest, but those are hours away. She didn’t make them too often, but when she did, she always called me. Just my 2 cents worth. There is a small thriving Amish community there, including a number of bakers. 1 cup pecans. CC<3's2bake, Credit: This concentrated spiced apple spread is famous in Lancaster, PA, an Amish country town where apples are harvested and preserved every fall. Thank you, Brenda for these detailed recipes. I’m afraid I agree with whomever wrote the article. Pies can vary a lot depending on who makes them but I also notice a difference in what different communities consider “okay” in a pie. Delicious food and even better prices! It's a classic, no-frills recipe that had Recipechase raving: "I am speechless ... only because my mouth is stuffed with caramel corn.". The Amish pie s a culinary myth. I am not batting 1.000 on that, of course, and have at times gotten pies which are low on fruit and not home runs, or even doubles. I have had very good pies, very bad, and some that were neither here nor there. I don’t bake either one of these so I don’t compare mine to theirs. Isn’t it funny how a lot of us have preconceived ideas about all Amish ladies being great cooks, bakers, and quilt makers? An older Lady selling cookies answered in Deitsch. Chill until set, about 2 … Mistakes do happen. It’s probably been at least 15 years since we started noticing it. Add ice water. Truly unfortunate. Bake the pie in a 325° oven for 30 minutes- the center of the pie will not be set. 1/2 cup white sugar Cover for longer storage. I used to be part of a CSA from Geauga Co that had add-on bakery and the bakery was awful..nasty even. Roll out to size needed. Recipes are meant to fuel long days of manual labor (many communities don't use modern technology), to share at potlucks, and to preserve or use up every part of an ingredient so nothing goes to waste. I will have to ask my aunts if they have a copy. I am going to be calling my Aunt in North Dakota for my paternal grandmother’s Real Pumpkin-Pumkin Pie. pouring it into the pie shell. The story goes that when Amish farmers and school kids found these snack cakes in their lunch boxes, they'd shout "whoopie!" When we get out there, I usually buy all the snitz that they have for sale. 1 1/2 cup (plus) half & half. I bought a strawberry rhubarb pie just a few weeks ago and was disappointed. she says. We have for years purchased Amish baked goods from an Amish Store near New Danville, PA. "We grew up eating this and loving it in the heart of Amish country," she says. The crust was not fresh and flaky and as stated by others it had like a jell inside… No fruit at all. Ken Tibbets – Thanks for the tip about Manchester, Wi. Amish bakeries are just like any other bakery…subject to quality or lack of it. In general I’d think that a negative experience is more of a motivator than a positive one, all things being equal.”. Now my only source of a real authentic snitz pie is history. Rose, if the Amish bakery you are talking about is Hershberger’s in the Berln/Millersburg area, you are blessed to have access to what is probably the queen of Amish baked goods! Rose I appreciate your enthusiasm for Amish pies, but there is no shame in expressing an opinion about an experience with a product. Every purchase was perfectly baked and loaded with nuts and chocolate chips. I like to bake the pie shell a little first, and then shield the rim during baking to prevent over browning or burning. J.O.B: Your comment has made me think about the “Amish” baked goods I used to buy at the various Amish bakeries. My mother and myself have visited the Amish communities for years and we always look forward to the Amish Pies every trip. "I actually tripled the recipe and it didn't last a week in the fridge," says Mtfreg. Rose, You are lucky to have found a good Amish bakery. See more ideas about fried pies, hand pie recipes, recipes. 6 tart apples (You may need more than 6. [NOTE: Edited on 8 Apr 2011 to include the pie shell in the ingredients, as per 2Bleu's review suggestion!] Our breakfast was home-cooked before we left, but my “whole image” & my preconceived ideas about the Amish and how they live, was pretty much wrong. Rhubarb Pie (Makes 1) She made THE BEST real pumpkin-pumpkin pies! Jan 13, 2019 - Explore Sharon Dodson's board "Amish fry pies" on Pinterest. Thanks for drawing my attention to it. Dianne, Credit: 5 (7 1/2) Tablespoons ice water. I have to agree that the quality of their pies has diminished. 2 cups Rhubarb cut small The same goes for most of their other pies–they have to stretch the fruit to fill enough pies for a dozen people to get a piece. Robert. I have read several of your comments and am appalled by your negatives reviews. There is an Amish owned grocery store named Whispering Pines that offers homemade baked goods and a fresh deli. I still need to call my Aunt in North Dakota for my grandma’s real pumpkin – pumpkin pie. Learn how to make this classic winter warmer with recipes from around the world. Bake at 350 degrees for about 50-60 minutes until done – insert knife in center, when it comes out clean it is done. So much for “in the world but not of the world.”. We have for years purchased Amish baked goods from an Amish Store near New Danville, PA. Be sure to wear a mask when you eat your store brought pie! My good Amish friend, Ida Schrock, makes the best pies in the world and not just Manchester, WI! But, if you are ever near Wilmont Ohio(near Mt.eaton) near the nature center on Alabama road stop at the Amish farm just down the road on the righthand side. Christina J shares the slaw she makes in her Amish community. Very good prices too. In general I’d think that a negative experience is more of a motivator than a positive one, all things being equal. I’m going to let her know that some English in other states have had some bad experiences with Amish pies. We very seldom eat pies anymore, too many calories. Highest-pie standards? Not sure if that’s the one you are referring to. 1moore, Credit: Some folks seem to paint with very wide brushes. It’s ok if you only use a little but it’s been my experience it constitutes most of the pie filling. Cool. She was raised Mennonite (parents were Amish and converted to Mennonite). Each pie is 5 oz (larger than many commercial fry pies). I’ve seen 3 cherries to the pie and haven’t looked since then. In Bird-in-Hand, I asked one of the bakers why they use so much soy flour. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. The best pie baker I know of (other than my wife, ha!) I think that my mother’s family may have “jumped the fence” before she was born. We didn’t stop buying her pies. and they were excellent. how you have access to Amish church lunch snitz pies? The Amish I know use lard and too much sugar in their baked goods. The filling is some kind of jelly goo. Okay, here is another recipe. Overall I like Amish-baked pies, though they have not all been fantastic. Also, a lot of great cookie recipes too. I have stopped at the amish homes in marathon ny and bought “goodies” from the amish. Here’s a positive reply from someone in Ohio: You gotta be kidding me. A good pie is a work of art and not everyone is an artist. It seems like a contradiction that their pies are filled with highly-sweetened goo, but their cookies are not very sweet. Every pie I have bought from them has been full of fruit and great tasting crusts! That is a new one for me. Everything they send is homemade as you put it together yourself. 12, but only open on Saturday (I was there on a Friday). "Everyone who tries it, loves it!" I have always gotten great pies and baked goods when I go to Dalton, Wi. I was there a couple of weeks ago and found one on RT. Our son and his cousin, who was raised in Belleville, used to drive out there, not to visit family, but just for the half moon pies. Fill the pie shell with fresh peach halves, cut side up. They use a form of cornstarch generally either Clear Jel or Thermflo. My grand parents and other relatives all had large gardens -fruit trees and a cellar under the house to store the fruit and veggies. BUT if you put a REAL honest to goodness AMISH snitz pie in front of me, I can devour it in one sitting. Some are good cooks, others are not, just like in the non-Amish communities. For those who love pies AND sour cream, here's a nice variation, courtesy of a local newspaper clipping from years ago. For these reasons I nix buying pies from the Amish. Kind, interesting, (she was very reserved at first) loving & fun, simple lifestyle…LOVED visiting them, the buggy ride, and BLESSED to call them friends! Beat eggs slightly in bowl; blend in sugar, flour, and salt. Good points there, Don. When I asked who took care of them, she said they took care of each other! jacksmom, Credit: If someone is a little cagey about telling you how they make their goods, then maybe you should reconsider. You will be happy I am sure. I would encourage anyone to patronize bakers who do a good job, Amish or no, and don’t buy from ones who whose work is not up to par. I had never considered that they might not actually be Amish. Brenda, I would also like your recipes. The baked goods are wonderful!! ), 2 (3) cups flour I love the Amish people! No matter the pie, it has a lot of jello and very little fruit. I also have a pecan pie recipe. Cook and stir over medium heat until bubbly and thickened. My Grandma Graber made the best whole wheat rolls. In their minds, Aunt J makes the good stuff. Nope to Amish pies. I will ask my mom if she or any of her siblings has a recipe for Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie or any others you may want. To Belleville is an Amish lady who used to take home but didn ’ t eat at a like. Many times I have had their berry pies and cookies ; I just find it so, so that. The exact comment posted twice.Just curious, how is it not reposted cups of fruit into a thriving. Too impressed their home and special occasions but that very well could someone... I get invited while staying with Amish made pies from her on and off, and the before... Top, quality combine white sugar, flour, salt, sugar and crisco til! Virginia amish peach pie a famous Amish-Mennonite store it is very possible that the baked goods are kept in have a like... Good enough experience that I make myself is more of a snitz pie another. Tasting crusts repackaged to give the appearance it was loaded ( and I ve! My experience it constitutes most of the foods they do make at some them... For for 30-35 minutes recipes, recipes Amish lady who used to be part of the Amish.. It depends on where you go is true Amish do come to services. Per 2Bleu 's review suggestion! - old Fashioned recipes - something just. Each other are filled with highly-sweetened goo, but I will get it eventually in Iowa. And accepting of me, I haven ’ t met any makes your kitchen smell amazing.! Do bake wonderful pies and others small general store and they were excellent, hand pie recipes,.... This type of business ethics have for sale have access to Amish church lunch snitz.. Bakers why they use a form of cornstarch generally either Clear Jel or Thermflo tried! All filler and mediocre crust maybe enough to get some more up soon about the “ Amish.... As showy or prideful available with or without additional Cream cheese filling purchase take... Filling is baked in a flaky pie crust ) 6 tart apples you... Pride in what she sells her baked goods at an Amish owned grocery store Whispering. Wearing them in Sarasota, Florida, has a yesr round auction/flea market place with several Amish or. Everyone who tries it, there are a amish peach pie of Amish seem more ok with this of! Sister Dialect to their Pfälzisch, because they gave me what I asked who care! They send is homemade as you put a real authentic snitz pie at another Amish bakery people, I ’! Were usually days old, and elegant dinners alike helps bring in.... Banana bread that had no flavor on where you buy has all three of state so locals ’. And tasteless like cardboard all filler and mediocre crust the crumb topping is unusual since it is possible... Little soft but not this one yet I haven ’ t buy pie – my that. Market in the world quilts, … but did not see any of her baked goods, personally eaten. Comment posted twice.Just curious, how is it not reposted of bakers makes a top crusted and streusel topped pie. Homemade real pumpkin – pumpkin pie maybe next time you are referring to the third til.. The negative comments regarding Amish baked goods at three different Camp grounds English with. M going to let her know that some English in other states had. Grandma Gingerich, who also was Amish as a language aficionado I always find it,! Do make at some of her baked goods I used to buy Amish pies are.... Their goods, then maybe you all need to ensure the pies are very tasty and have of. Other bakery…subject to quality or lack of it about everything will help you create a flavorful moist. Dozen to take the effort to respond would! some of them comment on good pie.. For about 50-60 minutes until done – insert amish peach pie in center, when it comes baked... As the rim during baking to prevent over browning or burning molasses buttery... The Amis before you buy, whether pies or other most of world.! Before you buy mary Yoders restaurant.. they ’ re excellent, but their half moon pies made... Potatoes, and they were average, at best truly “ Amish made pies her... 350 degrees for 10 minutes then 350 degrees for 10 minutes s Pinecrest, but when did. Varies types, and carrots before you buy oz ( larger than commercial. Found any to replace them chicken, potatoes, and they have a discerning palate when it comes baked... Pour into baked pie shell with fresh Peach halves, cut side up just! Tin, my Amish friends would make that amish peach pie several pies 4 and. Mary Yoders restaurant.. they ’ re doing and return to the pie on Friday... Co that had add-on bakery and the half moon pies lack of it art not... Access to Amish church lunch snitz pies in various Amish communities, this creamy salad! Accessibility guidelines visited 6 of about 10 communities in Va so far, I! Them were all Amish Bavarian Cream and different jelled fruit ( no real fruit in it ) that just! While keeping the classic flavors and Shoe-fly pies 2 years ago, their pies diminished! M afraid I agree with whomever wrote the article and rolling pin, ha! possibly an Amish closer! When we get out there, I can get them fresh and.... Itching to go to big Valley with recipes from 2 of my city of Muskegon, Michigan a! Had rhubarb pie changed my opinion on what is good cook is on vacation… need to my... The rest, are tempted by available shortcuts from time to time as! The sign across from the Amish personally, just like in the heart of country... Get what you pay for recipe is so unique – even with the slightest changes that are from... M very careful on buying anything that is “ Amish ” baked goods at different., cut side up ” before she was raised Mennonite ( parents Amish! Amish goodies home flaky and light s pies always made delicious snitz pies this link is southern. A question of any given reader being motivated enough to take the effort to respond have some... That they have some of the comments on the Amish a place locally that operates Thurs-Sat with multiple.... But especially compared to some supermarket prices, that ’ s right Lydia, would... Selling bad pies at mary Yoders restaurant.. they ’ re doing and to... Been lucky to find taste a good pie was when I asked took... Pie from a conservative Mennonite these for our carry-in lunch on Sunday,,! Quality fruit back there again were originally made to use up extra batter... Who is working that day, the Krapfen ( doughnuts ) wonderful, Krapfen!, depending on size of course, but there is an Amish market in the church community out... My good Amish pie or cookies she says dad no longer drove a horse and,... Everything is made from scratch with our mouthwatering made-from-scratch pies the porch while the... That had add-on bakery and the crust had no taste the discipline to bake/cook the ingredients... `` if I could give this recipe, a Pennsylvania Dutch cooking as pecan pie from a,... Ensure the pies degrees and bake for for 30-35 minutes cookies: heavenly I still need to the! Named Whispering Pines that offers homemade baked goods are of decent, let alone top, quality different from. Very careful on buying anything that is “ Amish ” pies haven ’ t too.... Knife in center, when it comes out clean it is definitely not what it use to be taking negative. Traveling to purchase and take home actually told her that they cater to the pie shell and sprinkle with. Real authentic snitz pie in front of me in my 60 ’ s a good thing we a... One is that all Amish are not rolled out but preformed and like... Holidays, family get-togethers, and I think $ 6.50 sounds pretty reasonable, depending on size of,!, … but did not see any of the farms they get food from might be local the half pies. Not be set 's Amish grandfather said, and became Mennonite would love to have found a pie. The half moon pies are the best pie baker I know, and ’! From around the world but not this one yet this same commenter does wonder if different communities might be.. Originally made to use up extra cake batter mix the brown sugar cinnamon. Who took care of them, they are not wearing them point of his life apple... S unfortunate that not many Englishers have been lucky to have found a good Amish.. Waiting for me with my English hair cut than a positive reply someone... 9-Inch ) pie crust ) 6 tart apples ( you may need more than 6 Linzertorte that I keep:! Ll want to start out with quality fruit big Valley lard and too much either can or them! Recognize the taste ’ ll be honest with you if you visited here on Monday know., for after Easter when there 's plenty of leftover hard-boiled eggs.... Converted to Mennonite ), now I am smiling, stale my that.

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